This site is a platform to showcase the Binghamton Artists Project 2020. The project is meant to document the continuance of creative work in the Binghamton area during the COVID-19 pandemic, and to share the recent work and online platforms of the artists, musicians, and other creatives behind the work.


Part 1: Galleries, concert spaces, and other venues were temporarily closed during the beginning of the pandemic. While many have been able to return to usual functioning, others have not fully reopened or recovered. Despite limited opportunities for public art gatherings, local creatives have continued to produce as much, if not more art than usual. The epicenters of the arts shifted from public to mostly private spaces. Part 1, located on the site page titled "photo gallery," is a photo series that documents Binghamton area artists at work during the ongoing pandemic. The collection may be uplifting for people in the area, allowing them to see their community members expressing themselves creatively, and serves as a historical documentation of the arts in the Binghamton area during this time. 

Part 2: The pages "visual artists," "musicians & performance artists" and "writers" categorize and alphabetize local creatives. It is meant to serve as a directory of local artists. The participants offer an example of their recent work and a description of what or how they have been creating since the pandemic began. Participants also share social media and website links, found at their profiles, which the public can use to view additional work and to connect to them with professional questions. Part 2 is meant to help connect artists to each other and to the public. Ideally, it will encourage artist collaborations and will help artists to secure shows or to make sales during and after this difficult time.

This collection of talented folks is by no means exhaustive; the site is expanding as more people hear about the project. If you live locally and want to share your work here, email bingartistsproject2020@gmail.com!

This area is home to incredibly talented people. Take a look and see what they have to offer!