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Morneè Curry

My name is Morneè I’m a the youth president of Broome Tioga NAACP. I write and recite to express my feelings, my words. I want my voice heard I want people to understand and see the hurt when they read this or listen to me recite.

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Cassandra Fassett

I started writing short poetry during the pandemic as a way to articulate the way I view the world both inside and outside of myself.


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Michael Greenberg

The pandemic has kept me hunkered down. This has given me more time to focus on my relatively new passion of writing poetry



Jasmine Jordan

Lately I’ve been writing about the feelings we all tend to keep inside or try to figure out on our own. Whether it be because we’d feel too embarrassed or completely different from one another. When in all retrospect we need each other and we aren’t all so different after all.


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Mercy K

My work majors on human rights issues and gender. Although I do write some poetry, my area of interest is creative nonfiction.

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Shawn Myers

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Josh Reno

I am an anthropologist and I occasionally draw in my books. I did drawings for my first book, Waste Away (2016), which shows the workers and protestors at the Michigan landfill where I did my research. I am now doing drawings for my new book, which is about non-verbal communication, called More Than Words, which I hope will be out in 2021.

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josh example.jpg
*Sketch - not final

The point of these drawings is to try and depict caregiver relations that depend primarily on non-verbal communication. They are intended to display these interactions, which I’m also writing about, in a different register that foregrounds the positionality and artificiality of any and all representations, but which are elevated, ideologically and materially, in social interactions without words.


Quinn Singer

This pandemic is genuinely the first time I have been able to take a pause on life to focus on my own healing. The act of expression through creation has given my healing journey a breath of fresh air. My art has been inspired by the need to protect our wellness, to quench the thirst for human connection and by the newfound transparency, surrounding the delicacy of the human psyche.

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